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Round Wooden Bristle Hair Brush

Handle Material:Wood 
Brush Material:Nylon and Boar bristle 
Type: Ionic 
Long: 240mm
Weight: 85g
Inner packing: 12 pcs/box 
Outer packing: 120 pcs/ctn
Delivery Detail :45 days

Round Wooden Bristle Hair Brush

Round Wooden Bristle Hair Brush

                             Products introduction

一. Description:

1.Round wooden bristle hair brush combination of the brushes is holistic.

2.Connection is seamless.

3.The bristles are made of nylon pin and wild boar bristle, and the way of planting the hair is through machine implantation.

4.The material of the entire brush is wood, and the surface has been spray paint treatment.

二. Features:

1.Wood corrosion, anti-static, high temperature, moisture-resistant.

2.Nylon needles are resistant to high temperatures and have enough tension to wrap around your hair.

3.Wild boar hair scales can promote the growth of hair, and can bring out the hair on the dirt, wild boar hair can stimulate the scalp and promote blood circulation, the friction with the hair scalp fat can make hair, make the hair become more Supple and shiny.

4.The rubber on the handle can be hand to grasp it more easily.

三. Effecacy:

1.Can solve your hair dry and easy hair loss phenomenon

2.Can easily separate the tangle of your hair

3.Can be your hair more obedient, will not fly, avoid embarrassment

四. Benefits:

1.We all know that every woman wants to get their hair beautiful and beautiful, will give their own overall plus points, but also make myself more confident, but often encounter such problems, often to the salon Point hot new hair, will cause serious damage to the hair, and then went to buy a lot of hair care products to protect their hair. This brush can be your perfect solution to your problem, it can do your own hand any hairstyle, as long as the hair dryer can be used, he does not require any chemical substances and heat on the hair, the hair damage Minimize, you can change the hairstyle, easy and harmless, such products you act?

Handle Material


Brush MaterialNylon and Boar bristle 
Inner packing12 pcs/box 
Outer packing120 pcs/ctn
Delivery Detail 45 days

Round Wooden Bristle Hair Brush detail1    Nylon and wild boar bristle,make hair shinny

                                                 wooden handle,and rubberRound Wooden Bristle Hair Brush detail 2


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