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Best Large Round Brush

Handle Material: Wood
Brush Material:Boar bristle
Type: Ionic
Feature: Round
Color: Natrual
Packaging Details: 120 pcs/ctn or as your requirement
Delivery Detail: 45 days
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Best Round Brush For Styling

best large round brush

                         Products introduction

一. Description:

1. All the bristles made of nylon and wool.

2. Combs are made of wood and are very good in texture.

二. Product features:

1. The wild boar brushes the hair to prevent the static electricity, even if the newly awakened hair is very messy, it can be combed and let her be obedient.

2. The handle is irresistible enough that you don't want to put it down.

3. The production of combs is mainly nanotechnology, ions.

三. Efficacy and benefit:

1. Easy to unravel the hair, and the tip of the brush is easy to separate hair.

2. It doesn't produce any static, which brings you the feeling of salon.

3. The comb can increase the curl of hair, reduce the curl time of the hair, tighten the hair and make the shape longer.

4. The boar's comb can make the hair brighter and more flexible. Even when the weather is dry in the winter, it can avoid the hair always running on the clothes, so it can be divided.

5.The brush is strong enough to massage the scalp and release natural oils through hair and soft hair.

6. The scald hair of the wild boar can promote hair. No wild boar hair can bring nutrition to the scalp. The hair will become more beautiful and beautiful.

7. Wooden curls are easy to use and simple. Compared with curls, no leakage and improper use of hair can cause physical damage to the body

Handle Material Wood 
Brush Material Boar bristle 
Type Ionic 
Feature Round 
Color Natrual 
Packaging Details 120pcs/ctn or as your requirement 
Delivery Detail 45days

the detail of best large round brushpocurpine,twill hair brush,soft bristle

                                wooden handle, beautiful lines and smooththe handle of best large round brush


Best Round Brush For Styling

Best Round Brush For Styling

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Brushing Hair Stimulates Growth

Straightening Brush Natural Hair

Straightening Brush Natural Hair

Can A Using Round Brush Make Your Hair Silky Softer

Can A Using Round Brush Make Your Hair Silky Softer

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