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Hair Brush And Comb Set For Women

All of our hairdressing tools are based on the principle of quality. Please be assured that we cooperate with us Brush Material:Wild Boar bristle Mixed Nylon、Plastic
Handle Material:Wooden、Plastic
Deliver Details:45days
Packaging Detail:120pcs/ctn or as your requirement

Hair Brush And Comb Set For Women

Hair Brush And Comb Set For Women

                          Products introduction

一. Description:

1. Nylon and wild boar hair mixed, the most suitable for long-haired use.

2. Aluminum paint on the barrel, the color can be a variety of choices, not easy to corrosion, not rust.

3. Wood material, high temperature, resistant to fall.

4. Plastic straight comb, anti-static, anti-fall.

二. Features:

1. Nylon needle is made of high quality A66 material, can withstand the high temperature of the hair dryer, and has a strong pull.

2. Wild boar hair is hair close to the body's hair, the scalp does not produce adverse reactions, and the wild boar hair scales and scales on the same human hair, rubbing each other will speed up hair growth.

3. Wood is made of beech, sturdy, impact resistant and drop resistant.

4. Ceramic thermal conductivity is good, you can say the hair dryer heat transmitted to the hair, reducing drying time and the shaping of the hair firm.

5. Plastic comb, brushing the hair can not be easily knotted.

三. Effecacy:

1. Wood curly hair brush and straight hair comb supporting the use of hair care can be out of more perfect.

2. The different functions of different brushes and combs combine to maximize the effectiveness of hair care tools.

四. Benefits:

1. Hair brush and comb set for women products, not only allow customers to get the  hair care, but also have the extra tools to blow the shape they want.

2. The biggest benefit of using our product is that it not only allows you to have a black hair, but also allows you to get attention in the crowd because of the perfect shape.

3. As a hair care products supplier, hope that the product can meet customer needs, but also allow customers to spend the least money, get the most effective things, our products just to meet.

wooden curly hair brushBrush MaterialWild Boar Mixed Nylon

Handle MaterialWooden



Plastic hair combMaterial Plastic



Deliver Details45days

Packaging Detail120pcs/ctn or as your requirement 

Hair Brush  Set For WomenNylon and boar bristle,blue,green and purple barrel

                                                                    black plastic materialHair  Comb Set For Women


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