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The Best Hair Brush To Use

Handle Material:Plastic
Brush Material:Nylon
Packaging Details:120pcs/ctn or as your requirement
Delivery Detail:45 days

The Best Hair Brush To Use


                                Products introduction

一. Description:

1.Hair brush have light black and pink collocation, fully satisfy maiden heart.

2.Hair brush design of unique handle, currently in the market of the same type of product is very few.

3.Hair brush have length of nylon bristles is suitable for long hair and can be well brushed with hair, full contact and massage scalp.

4.Hair brush material of the plastc is made of quality, good quality, and a good brush.

二. Features:

1.Unique dual-handle design and ventilation design

三. Efficacy:

1.It can be used in the shower.

2.The ball of nylon doesn't hurt your scalp, it can be very good for spreading your hair and opening the tangles of your hair

四. Benefits:

1.If you get up in the morning with a messy hair and a lot of tangles, you can't handle your hair, it can help you solve your problems.

2.Don't worry about using it to hurt, pull your hair, because its round bead design, can very good smooth hair. There will be no problems.

Handle MaterialPlastic 
Brush MaterialNylon 
Packaging Details120pcs/ctn or as your requirement 
Delivery Detail45days 

23a.jpgNylon and vent


                                                   two colored handle combinationas


 1.Q:Is the handle easy to separate?

   A:No, because the process of our work is the proportion and operation of the proper materials      obtained through the repeated experiments.

2.Q:If my hair is hard and thick, can I use this product?

   A:It is not recommended to use this, because the product is most suitable for the relatively soft and thin use of hair, the effect will be better.


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