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Large Round Brush Ceramic

Handle Material: Plastic
Brush Material: Nylon
Type: Ionic
Feature: Round, Vent
Packaging Details:120 pcs/ctn or as your requirement
Delivery Detail:45 days

                         Large Round Brush Ceramic

Large Round Brush Ceramic

              Products Introduction

1. Round aluminum brush: non-slip mattress handle, to ensure handshake comfortable, elastic nylon comb, tight curls, brush hair, strengthen the hair root stretch, ceramic hot plate effective protection and heat transfer

2. Reasonable design: nano-ion technology in the barrel and bristles can instantly heat drying machine, to achieve internal and external heating effect

3. Protect your hair: provide a warmer and more efficient shape - quickly and evenly distributed on a hot plate to prevent heat from concentrating on a little bit of damage to the hair

4. Reshape your style: the ceramic plate creates a healthy, bright, supple effect that you can use to blow dry, curled or straightened, and any other hairstyle you like

5. Other features: stretch nylon brush can massage the scalp, easy curly hair brush, if you use it, this brush will increase the endless luster and flame

Handle Material Plastic 
Brush Material Nylon 
Type Ionic 
Feature Round, Vent 
Packaging Details120pcs/ctn or as your requirement 
Delivery Detail45days

the detail of Large Round Brush Ceramicnylon bristle and ceramic barrel

                                                                     plastic handlethe handle of Large Round Brush Ceramic

I. certified product


The UL Security Institute is the most authoritative and civil institution in the United States that is engaged in safety testing and identification. It is an independent, non-profit, professional organization for public safety testing. It uses scientific test method to determine various materials, devices, products, equipment, construction etc. there is no harm and the extent of the damage to life and property; determine, write, issue the corresponding standards and help to reduce and prevent the loss of life and property caused by the data, and carry out the truth research business. In short, it is mainly engaged in product safety certification and management of safety certification business, its ultimate goal is to get the market with a security level of commodities, guaranteed to contribute to people's health and property safety.

II. Company introduction

Xiamen SHANLU was established in 2008. We do not only sell Hair brushes but also produce Hair brushes. We have our own Hair brushes factory and always have our own special insights in designing, researching, developing and producing Hair brushes.

As a big and professional Hair brushes supplier, we always keep paying great attention to the quality of products and also have strict controlling system for the delivery time of mass producing.In shipping term, we have singed long-term cooperation with many big and good transportation companies in China. Believe that we will provide you with various and very good transportation service.

  Through the simplest and most convenient trading way to provide you with our best quality products and our best service. Try our best to save your time and money and give you the happiest shopping experience" is our aim.

III. Introduction of plant production workshop

Factory production workshop main departments: Department, injection department, assembly department, mold department, paint detection department, design department and other departments, each department has a clear division of labor, and the results of each department are to undergo a rigorous test


1.   Q: How does a round hair brush make a curl of a hairstyle?

      A: suitable for creating a smooth, rounded surface on almost any length of hair.

   create more volume on the base or scalp and meet the soft round and movement.


2.   Q: How does ceramic and ion round brush use?

      A: round brush to push the hair from the scalp

   In accordance with the brush set the path, the hair root pulled out, away from the scalp, while the dryer toward the root.


3.    Q: How do I choose the size of the product?

  A: your hair length will determine the diameter of the round brush you are usin 

          he shorter the hair will choose the smaller diameter

4.    Q: Ceramic round brush with wild boar bristle brush how to choose? 

      A: When you need to make curl and wave, select the ceramic round brush. Print the barrel to keep the heat, so you use the same as the curlers.

         When you want to smooth, large, shiny hair, choose a boar bristles round brush.


Ionic Ceramic Hair Brush

Ionic Ceramic Hair Brush

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2 1 2 Inches Hair Styling Round Brush

2 1 2 Inches Hair Styling Round Brush

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