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Blowout With Round Brush

Brush material:Nylon
Handle material:Plastic
Packaging Details:120pcs/ctn or as your requirement
Delivery Detail:45 days
Payment: west union
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Blowout With Round Brush

Blowout With Round Brush

                              Products introduction

一. Description:

1.The round brush are made of nylon needles and silicone soft needles.

2.Ventilated barrel with orange ceramic paint.

3.The handle is made of plastic injection molding, the silicone ring on the handle is set on the handle, the logo on the handle with black and white elements, more solid

4.The handle is also equipped with tail needles for women's hair

5.The hole in the handle can be used as a label for individuality, or it can be hung on a wall without occupying space.

二. Features:

1.Nylon needles can pull the hair tighter, want to make hair blowout, silicone soft needle can be scattered hair together

2.Aluminum ceramic paint on the barrel can not only prevent rust, but also has thermal conductivity, the heat delivered to each hair

3.The handle can be to make the hand grip comfortabl.

三. Effecacy:

1.You can easily use the hair dryer can shape the effect of hair blowout, but also allows straight hair

2.Compared with the iron straightening iron,  more safer, iron straightening device will have the risk of electric shock, the temperature is too high will light the hair, the use of temperature during the hard to grasp. Round brush does not keep these problems, he does not need wires, and the wind blower is cold or this heat can.

3.Lightweight, iron straightener is very heavy.

四. Benefits:

1.Multi-functional products, will not cause harm to the human body, environmental protection, easy to use, adults and children can use it.

2.payment: west union

Brush materialNylon
Handle materialPlastic


Packaging Details120 pcs/ctn or as your requirement 
Delivery Detail

45 days 

the detail of Blowout With Round BrushNylon bristle,and ceramic paint

                                                                                   plastic handle,and rubber the handle of Blowout With Round Brush


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