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Why Send A Comb At Chinese Qixi Festival
Jul 10, 2018


Everyone knows that since ancient times, the Chinese must give the comb as a gift to the lover on the Qixi Festival. Why do the Qixi must send a comb, but many people are not sure.

The Qixi Festival originated from the story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. According to legend, on the night of the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, the weather is warm and the vegetation is fragrant. It is the time when the heavenly Weaver Girl and the Cowherd meet at the Bridge, and can be overheard under the cassava. The words of the two when they met in heaven. Because it is about love, Qixi Festival is also known as China's Valentine's Day.

"Fiber cloud is self-defeating, flying stars hate, silver Han tiaotiao dark cross. Jinfeng Yulu meets, it wins but there are countless people." Qixi Festival is the most romantic festival in Chinese traditional festivals, and the Chinese girls attach the most importance Days. On this romantic evening, the girls are facing the sky and the moon, the seasonal fruits, worshiping the heavens, begging the goddess of heaven to give them intelligent hearts and dexterous hands, and begging for the marriage and marriage of love and marriage. .

In the past, marriage is a lifelong event for women to decide whether they are happy or not. Therefore, countless loved men and women in the world will pray for their marriage at this night and quietly, and present a gift of love. -comb. The ancients used their hair to pin their love for Acacia, and the comb for combing hair became a token of love between men and women. In ancient times in China, the comb was given a private life, and it meant to be old with you. In addition, before the ancient woman married, there was a custom of combing her head. The so-called "comb combed in the end, two combed white hair, three combs "Sun Mantang" includes both the good wishes of the family and the transmission of love.

The custom of sending combs on Tanabata has been passed down to the present day, and has been accepted and passed down by more and more people. It also gives a richer meaning: the comb represents Acacia, which means that the other person misses you very much; the comb combs the hair every day, and also represents His intimate relationship with you has the meaning of being old-fashioned; the comb represents love, and the ancients are generally used as a token of love; the comb also means that the knot is opened, the troubles are swept away, and the hair is given to the scalp. People are healthy and confident...

The romantic Chinese feelings of Tanabata spread to the eastern countries such as South Korea and Japan thousands of years ago, and the custom of sending combs on the Qixi Festival was passed down from generation to generation. Until now, some old-fashioned wooden combs in Japan are still in short supply on the Qixi Festival.

Sending a comb has the following meanings:

1. Comb represents Acacia, which means that the other person misses you very much!

2. Comb combing hair every day also represents its closeness with you, representing the old man with whiteheads!

3. Comb also represents love, ancient times generally have the meaning of doing love!

4. The comb also represents health and happiness! Sweep your troubles, open your heart, and comb your hair to make people feel refreshed and confident!

5. The comb also gives modern meaning, has a "shun" hair, a smooth fortune, and gives people auspicious meaning;

6. The zodiac comb is given to the friend of the birth year, and the evil spirits are kept safe; sent as a birthday ceremony, blessing a lifetime of peace.