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What Material Comb Is Best?
Jul 11, 2018


The comb is used every day, and the comb is also very important for the hair! So, what kind of comb is the best? Next, the Shanglu will let the hairdresser recommend several good combs for everyone.

What is the best material for the comb: horn material comb

We all know that the horn comb is a very good comb, both in terms of materials and price. It is understood that the horns are cool and non-toxic, and are natural and valuable materials. Use horn comb to comb the head, it can be descaled without sticking, itching without pain, warm and not hanging, use it to comb the hair for a long time, massage the scalp, accelerate the blood circulation of the head, enhance immunity, cool and cool Blood, analgesic and itching, soothe the nerves, prevent static electricity, prevent hair loss, dandruff, and promote hair growth and other unique health effects. In addition, the different angles of the horns on the back of the horn combe, conform to the natural curve of the human body, can directly massage the face and the body, have a better relief effect on colds, rheumatism, neurasthenia and other diseases, and have a good effect on beauty and slimming. .

What is the best material for the comb: peach wood comb

Since the ancient times, there have been town houses in ancient times, and the saying that evil spirits have been kept safe has been passed down to the present day and is deeply loved by people. Moreover, the comb made of mahogany is also good. The long-term use of the mahogany comb has the effect of smoothing the head meridians and eliminating nerve fatigue, and has certain health effects on preventing hair loss, dizziness and insomnia. Among them, the biggest advantage of the mahogany comb is that it has no static electricity, does not pull the hair, can effectively stimulate the acupuncture points, promote the blood circulation of the head cortex, can clear the meridians, clear the brain and refresh the blood gas, and enhance the memory, insomnia, dizziness and hair loss. Efficacy, the realization of the perfect unity of practical and health care.

Regardless of the material of the comb, it should be brushed in time after use for a period of time, because the dirt remains on the comb for a long time, chemical changes will occur, thus becoming a breeding ground for scalp germs.