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What Are The Magical Effects Of The Comb
Aug 31, 2018

What are the magical effects of the comb?

Hair Comb, are you only used to comb your hair? That's a waste!

In addition to combing hair,

The comb has many unknown uses.

The magical effect of the comb

Hair Comb the arm to relieve constipation

Use a comb to scrape the oil and rub it on the inside of the arm. This will open the large intestine on the arm and promote intestinal peristalsis, thus promoting laxative and relieving constipation.

Hair Comb the neck and shoulders, relieve shoulder and neck pain

Affected by the mode of work and the way of working, more and more people in the modern world are beginning to suffer from cervical diseases. According to the saying that "the general rule is not painful, the pain is not acceptable", combing the back of the neck and neck of the body can help us to clear the blood blocked by the shoulder and neck, thereby relieving the pain.

Comb back the back of the hand to relieve low back pain

I believe many people still don't know that the back of our hands is actually the waist. So when the back pain begins to "torture" you, use a comb to gently comb the back of the hand, which will relieve the pain of the waist to a certain extent.

 Comb back, eliminate eye bags

Chinese medicine believes that the appearance of eye bags is mainly caused by poor blood gas in the lungs. Therefore, we can use a comb to comb the back of the lungs to promote the circulation of blood in the lungs, so as to say goodbye to eye bags. In addition, people suffering from back pain can also relieve pain by combing their backs~

Comb joints relieve joint pain

The number of patients with joint inflammation is also increasing. Once the arthritis breaks out, the taste is really uncomfortable. In this case, we can comb a comb in the vicinity of the pain, which can relieve the pain to a certain extent.

Comb the neck to prevent colds

Looking down at the most prominent bone behind the neck, that is the seventh cervical vertebra, the depression of the seventh cervical spine is the Dazhui. In the season of exchange and other colds, combing the cervical vertebrae can prevent colds, malaria, cervical spondylosis and other diseases.

Comb the head, refreshing the brain 

The head gathers dozens of acupuncture points in the body's twelve meridians and odd eight veins. By combing the hair in the morning to stimulate these acupuncture points, not only can the blood flow be smoothed, the blood circulation can be improved, the hair circulation can be prevented, and the headache can be relieved, the fatigue can be relieved, and the brain can be refreshed.

Combs the hands and feet to relieve dysmenorrhea 

Many female friends in life often suffer from dysmenorrhea. Find the pain sensitive points on the hands and feet, and comb the combs on the palms and soles of the feet repeatedly, which can effectively help female friends to relieve dysmenorrhea.

Combs and palms

Among the twelve most important aspects of the human body, there are 6 related to the hand and 23 related acupoints. Regular massage or pressing of these acupuncture points has a preventive effect on many diseases. Persevere every day, you can keep fit.

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