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What Are The Combs Suitable For Health Care?
Jul 13, 2018


Combs suitable for health care

 1. The combs are usually made of soft combs made of pigs. The bristle on the comb can not only sweep the dust, but also help to bring the sebum on the scalp to the hair. These sebum are the hair. The best natural conditioner. The hair is often combed with a bristles, the scalp massage is good, and the hair becomes shiny and supple, which is more suitable for people with dry hair. 2, ochre comb stone comb is a comb made of Bei pumice (Stone needle), in Chinese medicine health care and TCM health, Stone needle can promote blood and Qi, dredge meridians, Fuzheng evil, balance yin and yang, known as holy stone. In modern times, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Nuclear Industry, the National Seismological Bureau and other great institutions have also tested the meteorites. It is found that the ultrasonic pulses generated by such stones in the human body are much higher than other stones, and have a nervous system and blood circulation. The subtle effect can be used for health and wellness, far from being comparable to ordinary combs. 3, laser comb laser comb is not as slick as many imaginary things. In American medicine, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a relatively mature medical grade technology. This principle is utilized by laser combs. It emits 650nm visible low-energy soft laser to stimulate the scalp, which can stimulate the growth of hair follicles and is an auxiliary product for the treatment of hair loss. Laser helmets are more intensive than laser combs. The role of hair loss has been FDA-approved, so it is very beneficial to use a laser comb to stimulate the scalp regularly. 4, the drug comb principle is not complicated, but there is a function is very practical - application. The minoxidil or other hair-producing drugs, essences and even essential oils can be placed in the comb, and then the drug is applied to the scalp through the electric applicator system built into the comb, and there is a certain massage effect.