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What Are The Combs For Your Own Use?
Aug 17, 2018

What are the combs for your own use?

1. The horn comb is almost the most recommended comb at present. The horn comb material includes rhinoceros horn, buffalo horn, yellow horn, yak horn, etc. Since it is a natural animal product, it hardly reacts with the hair, and the scalp is mild and does not hurt the scalp. The good horn comb is cool, smooth, and has minimal friction with the hair. It protects the scales during the combing process, and even if the hair is combed many times, it will not cause the hair to linger. In addition, the horn is a traditional Chinese medicine advocated in the "Compendium of Materia Medica". When combing the hair, some pharmacological effects can promote blood circulation when massaging the scalp and head nerves of the human brain. It is often helpful to comb the hair.

2, boxwood comb in all wooden combs, boxwood has been the first choice for combing since ancient times. Boxwood not only has excellent wood texture, fine texture and moderate hardness, it is used to make combs that are not soft or hard, and it is also a Chinese herbal medicine. Modern medicine found that it contains xanthophyll (CH18H21N03), which can inhibit the growth of fungi, so it has better anti-itch and anti-dandruff effect after combing. Combing the hair with this comb, it does not hurt the hair, but also has the effect of anti-dandruff and itching.

3, mahogany comb mahogany is a sacred device. In ancient China, there were peach wood amulets, mahogany swords, etc., which are important props for exorcism in Taoist culture. Functionally speaking, the peach-wood comb, the jujube comb, and the bamboo comb are actually not much different, slightly less than the boxwood comb and the sandalwood comb, but the mahogany comb has certain Taoist and exorcism significance, the jujube comb has a good massage effect, and the bamboo comb More hair care; several different wooden combs, each with its own characteristics in color and texture, can be selected according to your own preferences and needs.

4, massage comb in recent years, the rise of combs, there are many called, such as "hair comb", "air cushion comb", "health comb", etc., one of the biggest features is the comb tip has a small ball, can be right The skin brings a point-like massage effect and reduces the damage of the comb to the scalp. The advantage of this comb is that the massage effect is really very good, the area is large and strong, the disadvantage is that most of the comb material is plastic, static electricity is inevitable, and it is inevitable to tear off some hair. Can be used occasionally, but not suitable for long hair combing, especially in winter.