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What Are The Combs For Hair?
Jul 05, 2018


1. One of the most commonly used combs for cylinder combs is generally used with a hair dryer to roll hair and blow off the starting type. In addition, the cylinder comb itself can also be used as an ordinary comb, which makes it easier to shape the hair than a normal comb. 2, the tail comb This comb is not strange to everyone, almost every hairdresser uses this comb. The biggest advantage of the pointed tail comb is that it can be used for hair styling, to make some hair styling hair, or to use hair styling. 3, wide-tooth comb is also called wide-tooth comb, the tooth distance is very large. The wide-toothed comb is actually very useful. Its biggest advantage is that it has less friction on the hair, thus avoiding the damage of the hair scales. It is more suitable for people with thick hair and long hair. Shun. The wide-toothed comb is also suitable for people with less hair and hair loss. Since the teeth are wide and do not involve the hair, the amount of hair loss is reduced. If you comb your hair and wash your hair a lot, prepare a wide-toothed comb!