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How To Use The Hair Comb Correctly
Jul 03, 2018


The hair comb is a kind of comb, and the biggest difference from other combs is that it is targeted.

How to use the hair comb:

The corner comb is used for combing hair such as a horn comb. It can be anti-static and it is very comfortable. This is a comb that Iyi really likes. The history of horn comb has been a long time, and a horn comb was found in an ancient tomb suspected of the Tomb of the Loulan. However, the horn comb can not be soaked in water often, otherwise it will be easily deformed or lose its luster. Some sisters asked Yi Yi, why the size of the corner combs bought is so small – that is because the corners that can be used to make the comb are getting less and less. Because of its "comparative" precious, so high-grade corner comb is often used as a gift to give people, a well-maintained corner comb can be used for a long time, even after a long time have feelings.

Large plate comb

Used in long hair combing. It can also be used to comb the hair before shampooing.

Round comb

If your hair is often styling, maybe use this, this is for hair styling. The area of the comb should be wide to avoid direct blowing of hot air onto the scalp during blowing. In addition, the comb teeth should be thinner. A large comb on the rubber comb surface, called a nine-row comb, is designed for straight hair and long hair.