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How To Use Hair Comb Correctly
Jul 18, 2018

Hair combs are hair styling tools that every sister paper needs, but not everyone knows how to use their hair combs. In particular, there are many types of hair combs. How should the hair comb be used correctly?

 1, massage comb scalp care Comb thick and round massage comb can be used to massage the scalp, promote hair follicle blood circulation to make hair roots grow healthier, moderate massage can also eliminate fatigue. Moreover, gently combing and rubbing before shampooing can also slightly rub the dirt and scalp dirt, so that the shampoo can be washed more cleanly.

 2, the magic comb soft care The comb comb comb is very flexible, and super elastic memory can make it quickly return to its original shape without deformation. In the dry hair condition, it can avoid the strong tearing of the hair when knotting. When the wet hair is combed, there is no need to worry about pulling the hair. The hair is very soft, and the beads at the end of the comb can also be used to massage the scalp. blood circulation.

 3, Ion comb hair care Ion hair comb is popular, nothing more than they can make the hair of the hair flying hair immediately obedient and soft, press the switch will release the active ions, not only does not have a static electricity, especially suitable for Use in autumn and winter!

4, the magic comb knot knot care magic comb has a super smooth effect, can avoid damaging the hair scales or excessive pull when combing the knotted hair, wet and dry, curly hair can also be combed, but its most special place is still Its streamlined design is especially hand-held and compact and easy to carry.