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Comb, You Can Use It Like This!
Jul 04, 2018


Every day, we use a comb to comb the hair. It seems that ordinary ordinary combs have a healthy way behind them. The wonderful function of the comb, you know?

Skin care

Wiping the skin with a soft hair brush during bathing can remove the aging tissue cells of the body surface, make the sweat glands and sebaceous glands excrete smoothly, promote blood circulation of the skin, enhance disease resistance, and prevent certain obstinate skin diseases.

After leaving the bathtub for 1 - 2 minutes, start to wash the body, use a long-handled comb with massage effect, starting from the part away from the heart, the part that can not be combed with a cotton pad can be wiped with a cotton pad.

The parts where the fat accumulates should be carefully combed, and finally, a water bath is performed to make the pores refresh. The comb bath can be done once a day, before getting up early or before going to bed. Every time after bathing, you will feel warm skin, comfortable limbs and refreshing.

Comb health

According to Chinese medicine, the human head is “the meeting of Zhuyang”, which gathers the important meridians of the human body and more than forty large and small acupoints and more than ten special stimulation areas. These meridians and acupoints play a role in running blood, supporting the whole body, resisting external evils, and communicating the upper and lower parts of the table. Frequently combing these acupuncture points can make the blood circulation at the root of the hair speed up, the hair roots are firm, and the hair color is black and dark, so that the meridians can be dredged, the blood circulation can be improved, and the nerves can be opened, and the eyes can be bright, refreshed, refreshed, and health care.

Start with the uniform force to the top of the head, the occiput, and the neck in the front of the forehead, then comb the left and right sides of the head, and make the comb teeth and the surface of the head move vertically, slightly faster, usually 100 times per comb. The comb used is best made of wood.

"Comb" neck prevention cold

There is a large vertebral point in the neck of the human body, which is located at the lower end of the neck and the depression of the spinous process of the seventh cervical vertebra. If the protruding bone is not obvious, you can move your neck first, and the fixed joint is the first thoracic vertebra, about flush with the shoulder. Pressing the hole with a comb back or a comb handle can prevent colds, malaria, and cervical spondylosis.

"Comb" back pain prevention

Many white-collar workers sit in the office all day long. It is easy to have back pain for a long time, especially the vest nest. They always feel that they should use hard objects to withstand the pain and feel comfortable.

As the saying goes, "The general rule is not painful, the pain is not acceptable." This is because the muscles are easy to stiffen and the blood circulation is not smooth. If you use the comb back or the comb handle to pat the back or massage the back, you can massage the back acupuncture points. The effect is to promote blood circulation.

"Comb" hand to strengthen

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine meridians, there are 6 related to the hand in the most important twelve of the human body, and there are 23 related acupoints. In addition, there are 34 special points on the hand, among which the more important acupuncture points There are Laogong, Yuji, Shaofu, etc. Massage or press these acupuncture points to treat systemic diseases.

To use the comb to comb the palm of your hand, you must first choose a round-headed comb instead of a sharp comb to avoid scratching your skin. Then, apply a layer of skin care oil to the palm of your hand to achieve the effect of lubricating the comb and palm. Finally, start combing the palms in order, combing from top to bottom, then from right to left, and then clockwise, the second pass. By insisting on daily massage, you can achieve the goal of strengthening your body.

I know that the comb has the function of health care. There are many acupuncture points on the human body. A good comb is actually equivalent to a scraping board. It can prevent and cure many diseases.