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Comb Tips
Jul 26, 2018

Comb tips

1. Selection of combing tools

For different hair types, it is best to choose a comb of different textures:

If the hair is oily, you can choose a wooden comb because the wood is not sticky with sebum;

For dry hair, it is best to choose a bristle comb, which can reduce the friction of the scalp and prevent static electricity.

For those who are curly, you can choose a plastic comb, because the texture is hard and can be easily combed.

2. Comb method

When combing the hair, first of all, the strength should be controlled reasonably, the light effect is not good, and the scalp is excessively damaged. Therefore, the strength used in the combing can make the scalp feel slightly warm, which is the most suitable force.

In the control of the combing time, it takes five minutes to comb in the morning and evening. It is worth noting that it is not advisable to comb the hair immediately after shampooing. It should be combed after the hair is dry, otherwise it will easily damage the hair follicle.

3. The focus of the hair

In order to achieve better health effects, the key areas on the head should be taken care of, the hairline of the forehead, the area of the head and the sides of the head, because of the distribution of this large number of acupuncture points and meridians, such as the point, the three Jiaojing and the gallbladder After the carding, we must focus on the care, which will make the hair comb more effective.

Combs this simple little action, there are so many functions and pay attention to it, you must not miss this way of health in daily life.