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Comb Selection Method
Jul 25, 2018


A good comb should be arranged evenly and neatly, with a wide and narrow spacing, which is not sparse;

The tip of the comb should be blunt and not too sharp to avoid damaging the scalp. It is understood that many inflammatory, allergic and infectious diseases that occur in the scalp are related to the slight injury of the scalp to the head comb. If the comb is not suitable, the hair is easy to break, and it is easy to knot, and it feels uncomfortable when combing. So don't buy a comb, because a poor quality comb will make your hair suffer. Of course, it is not necessarily the higher the price of the comb, the better the comb, the first thing to look at the design of the comb, to be soft and flexible, not to tie hands. Then look at the comb teeth, the round head is better than the pointed one, and the teeth and the teeth are not too dense, so that the hair will not be damaged when combing the hair, and no static electricity will be generated. When choosing a comb, don't be afraid to try and compare more. You can use the usual combing strength test on the back of the hand. If you feel sharp and tie your hands, don't buy it.

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