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Comb Health Function
Jul 16, 2018


The function of the comb is much more than just combing the hair. It can also act as a small health care product in your hands for health and bodybuilding. Can also promote hair growth

Comb health

The head is at the highest part of the human body and has important acupuncture points on the human body. Use a comb to comb the hair often.


Through the meridians, promoting blood circulation, improving scalp and intracranial nutrition. When you feel tired with excessive brain, you will feel relaxed and comfortable after a few minutes of combing your hair. Start with the uniform force to the top of the head, the occiput, and the neck in the front of the forehead, then comb the left and right sides of the head, and make the comb teeth and the surface of the head move vertically, slightly faster, usually 100 times per comb. The comb used is best made of wood.

Comb bodybuilding

Combating the breast with a wooden comb every day is an effective way to prevent disease and keep your breasts fit. Clinical experience has shown that combing can promote the blood circulation of the breasts, and has the function of enhancing the secretion of the mammary gland and excreting and accumulating the milk. It has positive treatment for postpartum lactation, colitis, chyle, acute mastitis and breast lobular hyperplasia. effect. If the hair is first applied with heat or with a decoction, it is better.

Comb bath

Wiping the body with a soft hair brush during bathing can remove the aging tissue cells of the body surface and make the sweat glands,


The sebaceous glands are excreted smoothly, which can also promote blood circulation of the skin, enhance disease resistance, and prevent certain intractable skin diseases. After leaving the bathtub for 1 - 2 minutes, start to wash the body, use a long-handled comb with massage effect, starting from the part away from the heart, the part that can not be combed with a cotton pad can be wiped with a cotton pad. The parts where the fat accumulates should be carefully combed, and finally, a water bath is performed to make the pores refresh. The comb bath can be done once a day, before getting up early or before going to bed. Every time after bathing, you will feel warm skin, comfortable limbs and refreshing.