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A Few Little Things About The Comb
Sep 27, 2018

A few little things about the comb

1, the hair comb is best not to share with the whole family

     Combs that are inconvenient to clean can cause fungus on the scalp to infect each other. If someone in the family suffers from fungal scalpitis or folliculitis, it can be directly transmitted without skin damage, so even your own comb should be replaced after inflammation of the scalp.

2, small comb, stereotype comb is more likely to cause hair loss

     In fact, the small comb has no other benefits except for the lightness. The hair that is combed at one time does not cause too much local tension on the hair, and it causes more hair loss than the large comb.

    Shaped comb This comb is only suitable for use in styling and is not suitable for home use. This is because the hair scales open when the hair is heated, and the comb teeth move away from the hair at this time, which will cause a large area of hair scales to break and damage, and the hair color will yellow when used for a long time.

3. Can a good comb reduce the amount of hair loss?

     In fact, the comb can not dominate hair loss, proper hair combing can only stabilize the growth and shrinkage of hair follicles, and stabilize the amount of hair loss per day (about 50).