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Why Brush Needs Care And Maintenance
Sep 27, 2017

Why brush needs care and maintenance


Brush factory for industrial brushes, the same need for proper conservation, in order to allow the brush to get the extension of life. Many people will feel that brush roller is generally used to clean industrial products or used for industrial grinding, and this use so that the brush will only exist in the dust and other issues, but not the need for maintenance. But in fact, in the process of cleaning, some of the metal debris caught in the middle of the brush, long-term use, the effect will only get worse.

Whether it is industrial brush or ordinary doors and windows with the brush, brush on the cleaning. The most important thing is not to reverse the cleaning brush, reverse cleaning will make the gap between the brush to increase, resulting in split, but also make the brush less elasticity, increased wear, after the industrial use, Especially polished, but easy to scratch products. And brush in the cleaning, the use of dry and absorbent items wrapped in brush to absorb moisture, must follow the structure of the brush and squeeze, if twisted, I believe the brush may not be used after cleaning.

Brush factory in the textile industry brush should pay attention to these issues, after all, if the brush lost its own characteristics, in the industrial use of wool will cause damage, but cause immeasurable loss exists. And then buy the brush when the choice of formal brush factory, do not put the price in the first place, should first consider the quality


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