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What is a hair comb?
Jun 06, 2018


Hair comb is a tool for combing hair. The initial name may be made of wood. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of combs, such as: peach comb, sandalwood comb, horn comb and so on. There are more than 300 varieties of combs, including combs, craft combs, travel combs, high-end combs, and health combs.

Combing with a comb not only cleans the head, but also allows the head to be massaged effectively and helps the head's blood circulation. The premise of selecting combs should be better quality, more comfortable to use, and different combing options for different hair styles.

The wide-walled, comb-dense comb is suitable for straight hair. It can gather the hair and smooth the long hair combing. The flat teeth with the larger tooth pitch are suitable for curly hair. It can protect the fragile curls after ironing and can maintain the overall hairstyle. Fluffy. And for the comb of the perm is best to learn to use the hand: five-finger fork along the forehead down, along the back of the neck down, plus the hand in the hair on the hair, forming a smooth and casual overall feeling of hair.

The round-toothed comb fits her own style of hair blow. He can make different hair styles according to his needs. Professional hair combs are difficult to use and are rarely used in the family.

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