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The meaning of the wooden comb? Its legend and special significance
Jul 20, 2018

The meaning of the wooden comb

In ancient times, the wooden comb was also known as "Shunfa", which means "being smooth and long-lasting, long-lasting", so it has long been used as an indispensable handicraft for appreciation of collections, gift gifts, and love tokens. The meaning of sending a comb: 1, representing Acacia, indicating that the other person misses you very much. 2, on behalf of love, send and receive concentric, to comb as a gift! In ancient times in China, men and women sent a comb to have a private life, and wanted to be old with you. Today, many places have the custom of sending combs on Tanabata. 3, loved ones go far, comb your hair to something else. In the old days, when a woman married, there was a custom for her family to prepare a comb and comb her hair. The so-called "comb combing in the end, two combing white hair and eyebrows, three combing children and grandchildren" included both the family wishing the relatives to have a peaceful and peaceful wish, as well as love. The delivery of meaning. 4, the comb is combed every day, it also represents his closeness with you! 5, the comb also represents health, happy! I swept away my troubles and opened my heart. Combs will give people a spirit and bring confidence! 6, send a comb on behalf of a lifetime to entangle the old cockroaches, but also the meaning of hair, because the comb is a woman's life will be close to the object, the person who can send the comb should be more intimate people.

7, the comb also means comfortable and comfortable.

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