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How To Straighten Hair With Paddle Brush
Oct 26, 2017

                How To Straighten Hair With Paddle Brush

General paddle brush  should choose the design of rich elastic large area massage air cushion, brush tooth tip have small round ball to do not let scalp injury. Another kind of rubber elastic brushing, not afraid of moisture, can be used in the hair washing. Wash hair brush with paddle brush massage scalp before, not only can relieve tight scalp, relax all day long accumulation of pressure, still can put dander and smudgy brush "loose", make the follow-up shampoo more clean, clean, to suspend sensitive scalp massage scalp wound.

The use of a paddle brush

In fact, paddle brush does not need particularly difficult step, as long as change different direction to massage scalp, achieve to promote blood circulation can, every day can be alive to the scalp.

Step1. Head forward, and then brush the scalp backwards.

Step2. Then the lateral brush of the left and right side.


Step3. Finally, brush the scalp

As long as you follow the above method to use, will achieve the effect that you want.

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