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How To Brush Your Hair Male
Dec 18, 2017

How To Brush Your Hair Male

Male and female hair brush due to the hair is different, so the use of the brush and use it in a different manner, first from the following two brushes to do:

Professonal Boar Bristle Mixed Nylon Vent Hair Brush

This big Paddle Brush is mainly for ventilation, short hair, buzz used by men, as long as the neck began to comb from the hair of the forehead back brush, brush a few times, the hair is divided into three parts of the brush, is the main part of the tip of the scalp, and close to the ears on both sides, so repeated brush a few times, can stimulate the scalp, promote the blood circulation, the hair can grow, because the length of the hair is very short, can easily remove hair dandruff, can also reduce dandruff growth

Large Hair Combs Plastic Hair Comb

The straight rows of comb comb density is very tight, can use long in the male hair, to hair up, can be used directly in front of the gel, hair up the way to sort out, or use a hair dryer to go up can shape the results you want. Can be fine in all the hair

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