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How is the hair of the hair brush
Oct 21, 2017

How is the hair of the hair brush

Drilling / planting machine can be used to make a variety of life brush, such as toothbrush, broom, shoe brush, wooden brush, wire brush, copper brush, toilet brush and so on. In the industrial brush category, such as brush roll, disc brush, etc. are also inseparable from the drilling machine, hair machine.


Drilling / planting machine according to different classification criteria, can be divided into different types. According to the function to distinguish, can be divided into planting machine, drilling machine and drilling one machine. Currently used are two-axis and three-axis machine, because most of the products only need to use the two-axis and three-axis can be, and more than four-axis machines for the production of some shaped brush. The current high-end five-axis drilling / planting machine equipment, with high-speed, multi-work at the same time drilling, all kinds of profiled brush processing, self programming, good performance but expensive.


Drilling / planting machine control system requirements: the current hair / drilling machine speed requirements generally 500-1000 holes / min; can remember 100-2000 processing graphics files, can enter up to 1000-10 million holes; support U disk Function, can quickly and easily achieve the copy of the processing documents between the machines; support handheld box operation, with password protection.


The system can be used to add and modify, insert, delete and other processing data editing function, convenient and quick. It is easy to use. It is easy to use. To solve the hole offset, porous, leakage and other issues.


For some regular graphics, for example, a row of neat holes, the spacing is equal, or a part of the same part with the other, only the location is different, then you can use some special features to quickly generate the required data.


These functions include sub-holes, copy, pan, and the use of commonly used patterns. Through the sub-hole function, the rapid generation of regular hair drilling hole graphics. Copy function, support the entire processing hole copy and part of the processing hole copy, no need to re-enter the processing data, with a translation function, can be accurate to the product of the drilling and drilling the whole translation and processing, no longer manually modify the data , Simple operation, fast.


Common pattern generation, such as square hole, plum blossom hole, word hole, oval hole, etc., it needs to enter a few specific parameters and can generate the entire hair processing data.

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