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hair comb
May 06, 2017

Definition of  hair comb:

The comb is a dental fitting for styling, cleaning and finishing hair and scalp. The comb is one of the oldest tools found by archaeologists.

A comb consisting of a shaft and a tooth with a vertical angle from the shaft. There are many kinds of comb materials: the most common plastic, metal or wood. The comb made of ivory [and tortoiseshell is the most common, but because of the increased degree of concern for animals, it reduces its use. Most of the combs made of wood are made of boxwood, cherry or other fine wood. High quality wood combs are usually polished by hand.

Comb according to the different functions, there are different changes in shape. The hair comb has a comb of a thin tapered handle that can separate the hair from the tightly combed teeth. Common hair combs usually have a moderate density of combs. In the colonial era of North America, hot comb was used to correct hair.

Hair combs and hair brushes are all in the 19th century. Combination combs and hairbrushes are patented in the 19th century.

The use of combs is very extensive. Historically, they were mainly used to decorate the hair.

The comb is also a favorite tool for police investigators to collect hair and dandruff samples that can be used to determine the identity of a person who is dead or alive, as well as its health status, toxicological characteristics, and so on.

Sharing the comb is a common cause of parasite infection. Individuals can leave parasites on the comb to promote lice, fleas, mites, fungi and other unwanted spreads. If brothers and sisters share the comb, brothers and sisters are more likely to pass each other, so it is recommended that each child can have a comb of their own.

Unbreakable plastic comb

Made of plastic, if it is dropped on hard surfaces such as bathroom tiles, hardwood floors or sidewalks, it will not be slag. In the middle of the twentieth century. Today, most plastic combs can not be destroyed because the technology has mastered the impact of these products on brittleness.

Modern craftsman comb

In recent years, modern craftsmen combs made from various new and recycled materials have become popular. The use of skateboards, vinyl records, brass, titanium, acrylic and exotic wood is the main use of some of the material.

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