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Guy teaches how to brush hair
Sep 20, 2017

Guy teaches how to brush hair

Four ways to properly comb the hair, so you avoid getting caught in the misunderstanding

Modern medicine that often brush the hair, can strengthen the scalp friction, through the nerve reflex, can improve the head blood circulation, promote cell metabolism, increase the scalp and hair nutrition supply. Often hair, in addition to hair can be smooth, reduce hair loss can also promote the blood supply, help to prevent brain aging, lower blood pressure, prevention of stroke.

一、In the wet hair care hair

In the hair when the hair, hair expansion, become larger and soft, usually attached to the scales on the role of lubrication from the grease have also been washed away, when they are rubbed to rub, the friction between the hair increases , Hair scales are easy to open, tilt, and then damaged. If this time and then crazy hair, then it will only become more serious.

Suggestions: 1. First wash your head and wash your hair

Shampoo before the first hair is a good habit, so that the hair of the secretions, dirt first by some physical clean-up, shampoo will be more clean, more thorough. After washing the head do not worry hair, and simply take care of a few times with a comb can be.

二、Blow hair and brush on wet hair

Blowing hair itself has some stimulation of the hair, coupled with hair care, two kinds of disruptive behavior increased the degree of damage to the hair. The hair will become frizzled.

Suggestions2:Less brush with more hands 

a better way is to use a towel to wipe 60% -70% of the degree of dryness, simple carding and other natural drying. If the winter must be blowing hair, less brush , more hand, hair dryer from the hair far, you can play the role of protection of hair.

三The number of combing heads is too frequent

The hair in the process of hair constantly being involved and rubbing, which is hurt on the hair.

Suggestion3: pay attention to the intensity and number of times.

he better way is in the hair when the time to consciously comb a few positions, so that hair will not long-term stiffness. In addition, the head of a lot of points, often a cold can be combed against the cold front of the bladder; often dizzy, and more comb Dudu this middle line; comb head, facing the Baihui, the temple with a few fingers massage

四、The material of the brush is wrong

Brush material should meet the following requirements: 1、the friction is small, so you can reduce the comb on the wool scales wear;2、not static, do not stimulate the scalp; 3、 clean and sanitary. Horn comb, claw comb, the body is very small stimulation, horny itself is relatively smooth, will not make hair deterioration.

Suggestion 4: prepare more than a brush

Prepare 2 or more combs. Such as wide-tooth comb can open the hair, comb can comb hair, horn comb can massage the scalp. Different combs can play a different role, use it more handy

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