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Advantages Of Boar Bristle Hair Brush
Sep 29, 2017

Advantages Of Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Advantages of boar bristle:

Do the best brush, one of the most soft material, bristles can hair follicles in the hair follicles combed to the tail, so that the hair bright black, emitting the best effect of natural luster.

More suitable for straight hair, and other dry hair daily care.

Boar bristle brush teeth is not easy to cause long hair tangles, you can brush the hair on the dust, straight hair straight long-term use.

Can protect the cortex and water, reduce the generation of dandruff, healthy scalp, can grow long black healthy hair.

Natural rubber air cushion brush with massage function, can make brush teeth always close to the scalp, brush more comfortable, and can massage the scalp in all directions, the scalp benign stimulation and anti-chip ability to improve scalp blood circulation, improve hair follicle nutrition, sebum secretion Evenly distributed, thus promoting the hair black and beautiful.

The most important is the three major advantages

Health and hair: with wild boar bristles brushing slightly with some force, so that wild boar more in-depth hair root, and ordinary brush compared to it is thousands of points to massage to stimulate the scalp hair follicles, increase blood circulation and metabolism, Maximize the growth of hair.

Moisturizing and stereotypes: wild boar bristle scales, the card can be hair follicles and scalp produced by the natural hair evenly distributed to the hair slightly, to increase the hair supple, so that the hair bright black, emitting a healthy luster. And after combing the hair becomes very obedient, can play the role of stereotypes.

Clean dandruff: boar bristle can easily remove the dust on the hair, scalp on the grease, dandruff and dredge hair cells, to avoid clogging to prevent hair loss.


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