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100 pure boar bristle hair brush
Sep 22, 2017

100 pure boar bristle hair brush

boar bristle

What is the bristles?

Boar neck and back of the growth of more than 5 cm of the bristles just tough toughness, no deformation, moisture resistance, free from hot and cold, is the main raw material for industrial brushes.

In our daily life, bristles are usually used to make brushes. In Europe and the United States, the most high-end brushes are made by the bristles, bristles bruhes from Europe and the United States into China, Europe and the United States family long ago to be able to have a bristle brush and proud, after all, even now it is still a Expensive luxury goods.

How to distinguish boar bristle?

1, burning: from the brush pulled a hair with a fire, the real mane will emit a hair scorched after the unique taste, and after burning into a gray.

2, wet: boar bristle wet will become soft, and the surface is not a little touch when the moisture is also a little tide.

3, heat: boar brisstle encountered hot air or hot water will smell.

4, touch: boar bristle relatively soft, delicate touch, flexible.

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Why the bristles are the best raw material for making hair brushes?

Compared with the artificial hair, the bristles are more flexible, bouncy, easy to deformation, will not produce static electricity; close to the human hair texture, can just right to stimulate the scalp, natural hair clean, to prevent hair knot, boar skin scales friction, Can effectively remove dandruff and dust, and make the hair from the hair surface scales smooth, so that the hair is more supple and bright. boar hair brush will not scratch the scalp, brushes hair scalp will feel slightly fever, promote the head to achieve the effect of refreshing. The bristles made of bristles also help to bring the sebum on the scalp to the hair, the best natural hair conditioner

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