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Boar And Nylon Bristle Round Brush

Material: Nylon、bristel
Handle Material: wooden
Deliver Details: 45days
Packaging Detail: 120pcs/ctn or as your requirement
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Boar And Nylon Bristle Round Brush

Boar And Nylon Bristle Round Brush

                              Products introduction

一. Desrciption:

1. Boar and nylon bristle round brush with nylon and wild boar hair double mixed.

2.The overall brush material is made of wood, wood covered with a layer of aluminum barrels.

3.Sprayed on top of the barrel of golden ceramic paint.

4.Rubber handle on the handle.

5.Products have other sizes, colors.

二. Features:

1.Nylon hair has a strong pull, the normal use is absolutely not out, broken problem

2.Wild boar hair can be shiny hair, bring nutrients to the hair, promote hair growth

3.Ceramic paint can transfer the heat from the hair dryer to each hairline

4.The rubber ring on the handle, comfortable grip

三. Effecacy:

1.It is possible to stop these injuries before damaging the hair, using hair brushes containing wild boar bristle

2.When your hair is severely damaged, you should stop using the hair dryer for a while and only use the hair brush that contains wild boar hair to give your hair the same color and suppleness as before

3.When your hair is beautiful, you should use the product with wild boar hair, so that your hair will become more and more beautiful, otherwise it will make your hair seriously hurt.

四. Benefits:

1.Wild boar hair products are currently the hottest market, the largest sales.

2.A person's makeup is a person's image card, have a good hair, will make you become more prominent.

Handle Materialwooden 
Deliver Details45days 
Packaging Detail120pcs/ctn or as your requirement 

the detail of Boar And Nylon Bristle Round BrushNylon and bristle ,gold ceramic

                                                        wooden handle,rubber ringthe handle of Boar And Nylon Bristle Round Brush


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