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Best Size Round Brush For Blowout

Handle Material: Wooden
Brush Material: Double nylon and boar bristle
Type: Ionic
Feature: Round ,aluminum barrel
Packaging Details: 120 pcs/ctn or as your requirement
Delivery Detail:45 days
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Best Size Round Brush For Blowout

Best Size Round Brush For Blowout

                          Products introduction

一. Description :

1.The best size round brush for blowout bristles are red double nylon needles and black boar bristle synthesis, the length of the nylon needle is longer than that of the boar bristle, so that the brush can deep into the root of the hair, can be separated from all the hair, the length of the boar's bristle is shorter, and the main thing is to get the dirt out of the hair and clean the hair. , but also can send out the scalp hair follicles grease, spread all over the hair, can let the hair become more smooth, shiny, elastic, hair is also barren.

2.The best size round brush for blowout of the roller brush drum treatment is in the aluminum barrel of the surface covered with ceramic paint, can prevent the cleaning of the brush when the drum is rust, ceramic paint can be the heat of the hair dryer to the drum to grab all the hair.

3.The best size round brush for blowout of the it handle is the primary color of wood, and with black stripes, it has a strong hardness, the humidity of the wood is passed through the testing of the instrument, will not moldy and humid.

二. Characteristics :

1.Double nylon needle bristles with high temperature, in the use of hair dryer, the maximum heat of the hair dryer, bristles will not affect the hair, and nylon needle Brush to prevent static electricity, not in the winter when the hair randomly flying.

2. Wild boar hair bristle and our hair similar, is the best material of brush, its hair scales can promote hair growth, to bring health nutrition.

3. the drum on the ceramic paint tightly bonded on the roller, will not drop paint, bring no pleasure.

三. Efficacy and Benefits 

1.The best to let the hair explosion of the round roller brush, roller brush The arrangement of the brush, can crawl more hair volume, the drying time of the hair cut by half, as long as the hair dryer mouth on the it on the blow, you can blow out the effect you want, if your hair is more delicate, soft, need to operate several times, or it will destroy the shape.

2.The quality of the round roller brush lightweight, go out is also very convenient to carry, we can recommend packaging style, can be used as a companion between family and friends.

3. Hair brush material is the use of environmentally friendly materials, the indicators will not affect the sale in the market.

Handle MaterialWooden 
Brush MaterialDouble nylon and boar bristle 
FeatureRound ,aluminum barrel
Packaging Details120 pcs/ctn or as your requirement 
Delivery Detail45 days 

the detail of Best Size Round Brush For Blowoutred double nylon and black boar bristle,white ceramic barrel 

                                 wooden handle,with bright surfacethe handle of Best Size Round Brush For Blowout


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