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Best Vent Brush For Fine Hair

Handle Material:Plastic
Brush Material:Nylon
Packaging Details: 120 pcs/ctn or as your requirement
Delivery Detail: 45 days

Best Vent Brush For Fine Hair

Best Vent Brush For Fine Hair

                                Product introduction

一. Description:

1.The small vent brush main material  is plastic, using high injection molding technology, and ion technology.

2.Brushes hair with high-quality nylon needle, a strong pull, not easy to break.

3.Needle hair on the use of pure machine, the size of the machine are precision calculations.

4.The width and length of the ventilation slots behind the vented brush are calculated by the ratio of the product.

二. Features:

1.Nylon needle on the shape of the beads are oval, not round, mainly used to take care of long hair.

三. Efficacy:

1.Here the main function of ventilation air brush is that you can massage the scalp at the same time, you can straighten the knotted long hair.

2.It can also be used in the wet hair, the ventilation slot behind him is used in conjunction with the hair dryer, you can speed up the wet hair dry time.

四. Benefits:

1.Whether you are using other hair combs, each time there are a lot of hair falling, these hair is no nutrition necrosis of the hair. Our products can completely avoid this situation, because the comb in the use of his time will massage your scalp, your scalp acupuncture points by external stimuli, can promote your blood circulation, hair follicle metabolism can promote hair health Of the growth. So that our hair on the head are healthy, there will be no hair off the phenomenon.

2.Whether you are using a comb you will found, comb always pull hair, causing scalp pain. The degree of density of the combs' is precisely calculated by the density of the growth of the hair of the human body, and its voids are in line with the gap between the hair, so that the exclusion of the two can be avoided. Avoid pulling.

Handle MaterialPlastic 
Brush MaterialNylon 
Packaging Details120pcs/ctn or as your requirement 
Delivery Detail45 days 

      Best Vent Brush For Fine Hair detail 1Nylon dip beads, brush teeth between the degree of density in line with the design of the human body

                                                                                              Best Vent Brush For Fine Hair detail 2

Plastic handle, handle between the lines, fit our hand fingerprints, will not produce friction, resulting in discomfort.


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