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Ace Hair Brush

Handle Material:Plastic
Brush Material:Nylon
Inner packing:12pcs/box
Outer packing:120pcs/ctn

Ace Hair Brush

Ace Hair Brush

                        Products Introduction

一. Description:

1.Round beads nylon comb, do not hurt the scalp, high temperature, corrosion resistance.


2.The unique handle shape. Become the focus of the audience, to attract the eye.


3.Pear head use skills:

(1)First hair length should not exceed the clavicle, wash the hair after wiping some essence or sprayed with nutrient solution, dry.


(2)The hair is divided into small pieces, with curling inward roll into a spiral, with a hair dryer after blowing with cold air stereotypes.


(3)The comb along the direction of the roll slowly exit, not directly vertical pull the comb, easy to winding hair.


(4)After blowing the hands of all the hair to break up, with a mud painted on the fingers caught on the shape. Sprayed with stereotypes.

Handle Material Plastic 
Brush Material Nylon 
Type Ionic 
Inner packing 12pcs/box 
Outer packing 120pcs/ctn

6a.jpgnylon bristle

                                                                             double plastic handle6b.jpg

I. Product Certificate


GS is the German Ministry of labor authorized TUV, VDE and other institutions issued by the security certification mark. The GS logo is a safety sign accepted by a large number of customers in europe. Generally, GS certification products sell at higher prices and are more salable.

Company introduction

Company introduction


1.   Q: How is the quality of the product?

      A: We are professional factories, we only do professional, our quality is guaranteed.


2.   Q: How are products used?

      A: Suitable for dry hair, and also suitable for wet hair, or with the use of hair dryer. The suitable places are the family and the salon


3.   Q: What are the grades of the products?

      A: Mainly high-end and mid-range, and if you need low-end, we can also produce for you


4.   Q: About payment or other question?

      A: Pls email me or chat with me on trademanager directly.

      Wechat: Msheyan666

      Whatsapp: +86 1516 0020 398


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