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Wooden Hair Brush Paddle

Handle Material: Wooden 
Brush Material: Nylon 
Type: Ionic 
Feature: Paddle 
Packaging Details:120 pcs/ctn or as your requirement 
Delivery Detail:45 days
2017 Best selling product as a hair brush and hair comb factory, quality and price are directly proportional to us, depending on the result each customer wants, in our company each customer is our VIP customer.

Wooden Hair Brush Paddle

Wooden Hair Brush Paddle

                               Products introduction

一. Description:

1.Wooden paddle brush with single black nylon, green ball head, all the length of the bristles and the size of the ball head are the same.

2.Green silicone air cushion, flexible and soft.

3.Handle material is made of bamboo, clear lines.

4.Drilled holes on the handle, can be used to label the goods, noble and generous, you can also hang it on the make-up table, saving space.

5.There are different sizes of goods, different colors, different materials, as long as you like.

二. Features:

1.Bristles will not hurt the scalp, ball is a three-dimensional shape massage the scalp to promote the growth of the hair, you can also bring out the dirt together on the hair, it can effectively give the scalp itching.

2.Silicone air cushion, with a certain degree of flexibility, to avoid brush all the power of the role in the scalp, reducing the power of the scalp.

3.The pressure hole on the air cushion is mainly to balance the internal and external air pressure of the brush and increase the elasticity of the paddle.

4.A certain degree of curvature of the handle, you can easily handheld, without loop flip.

三. Effecacy:

1.Paddle brush adults, children, women, men can use it.

2. Its main use for daily hair care, he can not use the most styling brush. Suitable for dry hair and wet hair.

3. Whether you are long or short hair, curly hair and straight hair, head or blast head can use him.

四. Benefits:

1. You can give us advice, the design you want, you can also consult the difference between our products, because we only have hair brushes and hair combs, so to provide better products and services and quality is our goal.

2. Goods can go shipping, air, express, your convenience is the standard we measure.

3.Payment: Western Union, easy to operate.

Handle MaterialWooden  
Brush MaterialNylon 
Packaging Details120pcs/ctn or as your requirement 
Delivery Detail45days

the detail of Wooden Hair Brush Paddleblack bylon and green ball bead

                                                                         baboom handlethe handle of Wooden Hair Brush Paddle


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