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Wooden Brush For Your Hair

Handle Material:Wooden
Brush Material: Matel
Packaging Details:120 pcs/ctn or as your requirement
Delivery Detail:45 days
2017 Best selling product as a hair brush and hair comb factory, quality and price are directly proportional to us, depending on the result each customer wants, in our company each customer is our VIP customer.

Wooden Brush For Your Hair

Wooden Brush For Your Hair

                                Products introduction


1.Wooden brush for your hair have a metal pins, burning  round head .

2.Massage pad is white rubber cushion, flexible, and the skin is very soft, no peculiar smell.

3.Wood using the best quality high-end household goods wood.

二. Features:

1.Metal pins will have a cold touch, do not rust. The main function of the needle is to open the tangled hair, will not break the hair, massage the scalp, promote blood circulation of the scalp, to prevent necrosis of the head sac cells.

2.Rubber cushion is mainly elastic cushion to prevent all the power on the scalp to reduce the pressure on the scalp, the hole on the rubber pad, not a problem of brush, is designed to have, it can balance the pressure massage brush, Prevent rubber pad from aging, hardening, breaking, and discomfort to the scalp when used it.

3.High-grade wood lines are very clear, very beautiful, the wood is very strong, will not break, not moldy, wood moisture are thoroughly dried process, and its edges are polished, smooth oil treatment, There will be no burr or other damage to human skin.

三. Efficacy:

1.Family daily massage brushes, adults and children can use it , you can open the tangle of hair, straight hair, fit the scalp, the scalp will be more shiny, flexible, there will be no hair in the clothes, the floor falling everywhere upset.

2.Massage brushes can not be used to curly hair and hair style, only the rolling brushes, ceramic brush can have these functions.

3.Massage brushes is a small object that can be carried in vocal, can be used in various places such as dinner, birthday party, wedding party.

四. Benefits:

1.Hairbrush is mainly wholesale, the price has the absolute advantage, the quality is definitely to achieve the effect you want, because we are the only one to do hair brushes.

2.One-on-one service, no communication barriers throughout.

3.The hair brushes does not belong to long-term use of the product, because there is no maintenance and other troubles.

4.The hairbrushes for salon , high-end fashion show and other occasions, only as a one-time use, be careful individual scalp skin problems spread.

Handle MaterialWooden
Brush MaterialMatel 
Packaging Details120pcs/ctn or as your requirement 
Delivery Detail45days 

the detail of Wooden Brush For Your Hairmatel bristle,and soft rubber pad

                                                          natural wooden handlethe handle of Wooden Brush For Your Hair


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