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Wide Paddle Brush

Handle Material: Plastic 
Brush Material: Nylon 
Type: Ionic 
Feature: Paddle, cushion 
Packaging Details:120pcs/ctn or as your requirement 
Delivery Detail:45 days 

Wide Paddle Brush

Wide Paddle Brush

                                 Products introduction

一. Description:

1.Wide paddle brush has soft nylon bristles, pink dip beads, will not hurt the scalp, the color is very cute.

2.Plastic handle with colorful flowers on the painting.

3.Silicone air cushion, full of elastic.

4.Air cushion on the hole, you can keep the air cushion of the air balance, make bristles on the scalp massage effect is better.

5.Bristles in the density of the arrangement of the hair in line with the density of the human body, can be a good detangle of hair.

二. Features:

1.Crown quality、popular paddle brush、ergonomic cushion、goody ionic professional brush.

三. Effecacy:

1.The main effect is the silence of the hair, keep the curly  hair,and hair styling.

2.Small and exquisite can be put into the ladies bag easy to carry.

3.Brush color is very fantastic, very few girls, very suitable for small girls.

四. Benefit:

1.If you have not used this type of comb, do not know how to use, it does not matter how his use is very simple, it is easy to get started, just put it in front of your hair can be combed.

2.Comb with a long time you want to clean her is also very easy, as long as the toothbrush with his light brush, and then placed in the shade naturally dry on it, remember not to put the sun exposure. This will burst the air bursh.

3.If you have just finished washing hair, do not have to dry hair can also be used, it is wet and dry products.

4.His handle is material, the quality is very light, you do not have to worry about when the time is too long hand will be very painful, if you do not like the handle on the colorful gimp, we are also a lot of different styles to choose from, such as Barbie Dolls, hello kitty and other popular colors.

Handle MaterialPlastic 
Brush MaterialNylon 
FeaturePaddle, Vent 
Packaging Details120pcs/ctn or as your requirement 
Delivery Detail45 days 

27a.jpgPink Nylon Bristle,air cushion

                                                plastic handle with colorful gimp27b.jpg


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