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Magic Paddle Brush

Applicaiton: SPA, Salon, Hair
Plate Type: Wood
Transport Package: OPP/PVC or as you customered
Packaging Details: 120 pcs/ctn or as your requirement
Delivery Detail: 45 days

                              Magic Paddle Brush


                Products Introduction

一. Description:

1.Nylon needle can be divided into films, to better penetrate into the roots of hair.


2.Boar bristle to deep scalp, clean nourish the hair, so that the hair show beautiful luster.


3.Bristle brush will not scratch the scalp, reduce static electricity, high temperature.


4.Bristles rubbing each other, can effectively remove the hair on the dander, contaminants and excess hair care products.


5.Hand-selected pig mane, cut pores polished fine, tidy, the length of boar bristle with better results.


6.Brush the density of the use of ergonomic design, to a full range of massage scalp.


7.The surface of wood, smooth glossy, feel comfortable.

Applicaiton SPA, Salon, Hair 
Plate Type Wood
Color naturl 
Transport Package OPP/PVC or as you customered 
Packaging Details 120pcs/ctn or as your requirement 
Delivery Detail

 45 days

4a.jpgnylon mixed boar bristle

                                                                                           wooden paddle4b.jpg

I. How to judge true and false boar bristle?

Will boar bristle with fire, the real wild boar on the hair issued a unique flavor after burning.

II. Why can boar bristle control oil off hair loss?

Full bristles massage brush up to thousands of gentle contacts on the scalp. Hair a large number of boar bristle contact with the scalp of the contacts greatly increased, change the conventional brush teeth contact the scalp of the "contact" way, the scalp touch is not stimulating, less irritation to the hair follicles. Will not stimulate hair follicle secretion of excessive fat.

III. Boar bristle comb can improve fat too much hair?

Long-term use of bristles brush hair, hair follicles are not too much stimulation, hair follicle secretion of normal oil, more serious oily hair can be gradually improved

IV.Bristles can improve the hair root oil thick state?

Bristles of the bristles can be hair follicles hair follicles evenly sprinkled on the hair, the hair on the scalp hair will be greatly reduced

V. Brush teeth do not pull hair, hair protection is not easy to fall?

Brush teeth arranged evenly, do not pull hair, easy a brush in the end.


1. Q: What's your product size?

    A: We have 25mm/32mm/43mm/53mm/Or customed


2. Q: How do customers pay?

    A: Through the West Union.


3. Q: About MOQ?

    A:1200 pieces


4. Q: About Payment or other question?

    A: Pls email me or chat with me on trademanager directly.

        Wechat: Msheyan666

        Whatsapp: +86 1516 0020 398


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