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Best Hair Brush For Blow Out

Brush Material:Nylon 
Body Material:Aluminum 
Handle Material:Plastic
Packaging Details:120 pcs/ctn or as your requirement 
Delivery Detail:45 days 
2017 Best selling product as a hair brush and hair comb factory, quality and price are directly proportional to us, depending on the result each customer wants, in our company each customer is our VIP customer.

Best Hair Brush For Blow Out


                              Products introduction

一. description:

1.Best hair brush for blow is 2017 selling ceramic modling brush. His temperature response is the most novel selling point, the technology is more advanced.

2.Best hair brush for blow bristles are nylon A66 plastic needles, the color is black, looks more shiny than white nylon needles.

3.Aluminum barrels with vents are baked with a layer of ceramic paint. The lacquer is characterized by being able to change its color through the reaction of temperature information and conveying to the user an action of stopping the heat transfer

4.Brush handle is a combination of ABS ring, the handle is made of plastic material, the handle is painted, more shiny, handle combination is black and white rotation modeling, hairbrush can make people dizzy

二. Feature:

1.Best hair brush for blow hair pin hair is characterized by stronger pull, not easy to melt at high temperatures, can stop the hair's static electricity, to prevent the hair bristles are corroded.

2.Ceramic aluminum barrel vents, hair dryer can transfer heat to all the hair, reducing hair brush drying time.

3.Ceramic brush paint can be wrapped in aluminum bucket, all heated evenly heated hair, and can not paint, will not affect the hair.

4.The size and curvature of the brush handle fit the size and direction of the palm of your hand, and the hairbrush eliminates the need for the user to work very hard.

三. Effects and Benefits:

1.Compared with hot brush, the brush hair can straighten the hair, the effect is good, and the brush is relatively light, easy to use, heat brush brush, we don't need, as long as the direct effect on the hair, the hair brush is too little too much, it is difficult to control the number of. The combed comb part is designed to maintain the best performance of the appropriate hair without being affected by the hair. Hot brush is difficult to control, easy to burn out the heat leakage danger to the user, the ceramic roller brush hair will not burn, the heat is sent by air blower. For the user, the hair is not damaged.

2.My comb and other manufacturers, compared with other manufacturers, the price and quality will reduce the price of products, so its quality is greatly reduced, and every customer will become our VIP customers. As a passionate wholesale manufacturer of combs and hair products, in our eyes, the quality of testing is not counterfeited in all products.

3.Payment: Western Union

Brush MaterialNylon 
Body MaterialAluminum 
Handle MaterialPlastic 
Packaging Details120pcs/ctn or as your requirement 
Delivery Detail45days 

the detail of Best Hair Brush For Blow OutA66 Nylon pins、white and black ceramic,round barrel

                                                               white and black handle,plastic,roundthe handle of Best Hair Brush For Blow Out 


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